Finding a Website Host and Choosing a Domain Name

We’ve discussed setting your online goals, we’ve talked time management and we’ve covered finding and testing your idea. Now we move onto finding a website host and choosing a domain name.


Choosing Your Domain Name

Whether you are setting up a simple blog or looking to create the next Google or Amazon your domain name is going to be what you brand your blog or business around. You can think of your domain name as your brand.  This domain name could be your own name (providing it’s available) it could be a mixture of part of your name and part of the service you may be offering, i.e. or or you could use a word such as Amazon or even a made up name like Google.

If you haven’t got an idea of what you want your domain name to be, take a few minutes to write down some ideas.

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There are a few types of domain naming conventions available however I would always suggest that you go with a .com domain name (unless there is some good reason for this such as creating a website for a local business in a specific country and have no aims to expand outside your home country).

I would also look at going for a shorter domain name rather than a longer one. Now most popular one-word domains have been purchased but there are still plenty of options available when expanding to two or three words in your proposed domain name (or just create your own single word to make a domain out of if you really wanted a short domain name).

To register your chosen domain name you could go to a specialist domain registry site (such as or or you can register this domain through the company that you have selected to host your account (to have your blog or website up and running it needs to be hosted by a domain hosting company). With a hosting company you pay them a monthly or annual fee to keep your website live and once your website has been uploaded to their servers your website will be viewable for everyone on the internet.

Finding and selecting your domain host

There are plenty of domain/website hosting companies, each with pros and cons and each targeted to various sections of the market. When looking for a domain host I recommend two companies.

1.  Bluehost

For the beginning of your online journey I will recommend Bluehost (I use this for some of my sites).

I’ve used Bluehost for several years and haven’t had any real problems with their product or their service. The few times I’ve had a query it has been answered promptly so I recommend Bluehost. Plus, they have a really good introductory prices, ie hosting your website in the first year for $2.95 per month.

For those of you wanting to host your new blog or website with Bluehost click here to go to the Bluehost website. (For those that get a hosting account with Bluehost I will earn a commission from Bluehost). For those wanting to set up a hosting account with WP Engine (this is for the more serious WordPress websites or online business as the pricing is quite a bit more than a typical WordPress account) click here to visit the WP Engine website (For those that get a hosting account with WP Engine I will also earn a commission from WP Engine).

Purchase your Bluehost hosting here

Why Bluehost?

They are one of the best value for money hosting companies around.  You can create your own domain and hosting for just over a couple of dollars a month!

They are also quite reliable.  They have a lot of experience in the hosting industry and have been around for a while so you know you are with a company that is in it for the long haul.

Finally, their customer support is pretty good.   They have a live chat option, email, or you can call their customer support with any queries or issues that you may have.

Bonus, you can also host several domains on the one hosting account!  With the one monthly price, you can host a lot of websites.

     2. WP Engine

For for those further advanced in their online journey (and who use WordPress sites) I recommend WPEngine.

Why WPEngine? Basically, WPEngine was designed to support WordPress. Any potential security issues, updates, etc WP Engine is well on top of!

Their hosting is fast, their support is top grade and their hosting is well worth their pricing!

So to get your blog or website live, you will need to find a website host.

For the purpose of this post I will assume are going to visit Bluehost to purchase your domain and will outline the steps you will encounter below:

Purchase your Bluehost hosting here

Step 1: Click on The above link to go to Bluehost, then click the “Get Started Now” button.

Now click the “Get Started Now” button.

2. Select Your Plan

If you are just beginning then the basic plan will be sufficient, remember you can always upgrade your plan later.

Purchase your Bluehost hosting here

3. Select new domain or I have a domain depending on you

In most cases (particularly for new comers) you will select the new domain section. Add in the domain name you have selected then select next. (You can test whether the domain name you have chosen is available by typing in the address in your browser address bar or you can do a Google search.

4. Create Your Account

Add in the relevant details to create your Bluehost hosting account.

5. Select Package

In this section you have 4 options, from basic 12 months to 60 months. It’s up to you which package suits you though the longer the time frame the cheaper it will be (on a monthly equivalent). I’d still go for the 12 months option as this gives you 12 months to see if blogging or online business is for you or at least with the initial domain or business you initially select. If after this time frame you are still committed then by all means purchase a longer hosting time frame.

In my opinion you don’t need most of what is offered in the check boxes. The only option I would look at using is the domain privacy option. This means you don’t get any unsolicited emails from web design companies out of Asia offering to build a website or SEO services.

6. Input your payment information

Pretty self explanatory though if possible or if you have set this up previously, use your dedicated online business bank account or credit/debit card to pay for this transaction.

Make sure you select the box to confirm you have read and agree to the Bluehost terms and conditions. 

You’ve just created your own domain and hosting account!

Well done on taking the first step to your new journey!

You should receive emails from Bluehost for all your relevant login and receipt information (don’t forget to keep a copy of this and all other online business receipts).

You will get welcome/confirmation emails from Bluehost, letting you know that your purchase was completed and how you can login.

Make sure you store these passwords as you will be using these quite a bit. It’s up to you whether you save the login details in your browser (though your site will be vulnerable should your laptop or computer get stolen). I would keep a copy of these in a file either on your computer or on a separate USB.

Now you can tick off finding a website host and domain name and let’s move onto setting up your WordPress website!

Purchase your Bluehost hosting here

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