Month: January 2019

How To Build a Blog or Website

In the previous post we outlined how to register your domain name and to set up your website hosting account for this new domain. Now it’s onto the topic of how to build a blog or website.   In this post we will go into detail of building a blog or website using WordPress and having this hosted with your … Read More

Finding a Website Host and Choosing a Domain Name

We’ve discussed setting your online goals, we’ve talked time management and we’ve covered finding and testing your idea. Now we move onto finding a website host and choosing a domain name. Choosing Your Domain Name Whether you are setting up a simple blog or looking to create the next Google or Amazon your domain name is going to be what … Read More

Getting Control of Your Time Management

A lot of people think they want to be successful but they really don’t do anything about it. They want more money but don’t want to put in an effort to earn that extra money. They want to become more educated yet don’t want to read more educational books or to enroll in any courses or classes. They moan about … Read More

Finding and Testing Your Idea

We’ve discussed previously the topic of what do you want to do online and we’ve also discussed how to plan out your time management to work on your new online business or blog. Now we will discuss Finding and Testing your idea. For some of you, you will have quite a few ideas on what to build your blog or online … Read More

What Do You Want to Achieve Online?

What Do You Want To Achieve Online?

There are many reasons why you want to create your own blog or website. You may be one of the many who would like to earn some extra income, pay off debt or replace the income of your day job for the freedom of your own online business. Or you may just want to create a blog as a creative … Read More