Traffic Tips for your Website or Blog

Traffic (or at least quality traffic) is the lifeblood to all websites. We all want it, but how do we get it? In this post we discuss traffic tips for your website or blog.  Do we pray for luck that one of our videos or posts will go viral or is it just putting in the hard yards each year … Read More

What Content to Add to Your Website or Blog

We’ve discussed setting up your domain name and hosting, setting up your blog or website now we discuss what content to add to your website or blog. What story do you want your website to tell? With your content, what is the message you are trying to pass on to your readers or subscribers? What are you trying to solve … Read More

How to Build An Email List

  Some websites DON’T need an email list. Depending on the niche and the style of website there may be no need for a website or you’ll find that it is very hard and not worth your time to build an email list. However, for the majority of blogs, websites and online businesses YOU DO NEED AN EMAIL LIST. This … Read More

Essential Plugins for your WordPress Website

We’ve just finished the building your website post and in this post we have a list of essential plugins for your WordPress website. The great thing about using a content management system like WordPress is that you don’t have to be a coding expert to learn build your website and as it is open source there are thousands of people … Read More

Linking your new Email Address to your Gmail Account

We previously went through registering your new domain and getting a web host account and setting up a new email address with this domain. Now we go through linking your new email address to your Gmail account. With any new domain I create or purchase, I like to send and receive all correspondence regarding that domain from an email address … Read More

How To Create an Email Address with your New Bluehost Domain

This post discusses how to create an email address with your new Bluehost domain. We previously wrote about registering your domain name and purchasing website hosting for this domain name now we go into detail about how to create an email address with your new Bluehost domain.   To subscribe to Nothing to Niche enter your details below   So … Read More

How To Build a Blog or Website

In the previous post we outlined how to register your domain name and to set up your website hosting account for this new domain. Now it’s onto the topic of how to build a blog or website.   In this post we will go into detail of building a blog or website using WordPress and having this hosted with your … Read More

Finding a Website Host and Choosing a Domain Name

We’ve discussed setting your online goals, we’ve talked time management and we’ve covered finding and testing your idea. Now we move onto finding a website host and choosing a domain name. Choosing Your Domain Name Whether you are setting up a simple blog or looking to create the next Google or Amazon your domain name is going to be what … Read More

Getting Control of Your Time Management

A lot of people think they want to be successful but they really don’t do anything about it. They want more money but don’t want to put in an effort to earn that extra money. They want to become more educated yet don’t want to read more educational books or to enroll in any courses or classes. They moan about … Read More

Finding and Testing Your Idea

We’ve discussed previously the topic of what do you want to do online and we’ve also discussed how to plan out your time management to work on your new online business or blog. Now we will discuss Finding and Testing your idea. For some of you, you will have quite a few ideas on what to build your blog or online … Read More